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Wisdom Series


Friday Evenings

April 12-May 3

6:-7:30 PM

This is a 4 weeks series that will complement the Holy Yoga Wisdom On-Line Bible Study. We will have time for an all levels yoga practice each week as well as time for discussion and fellowship!

Each week will include a different style of practice with a different Holy Yoga/Worthy Yoga Instructor as well as the opportunity to give to 4 unique local charitable organizations. All proceeds will go directly to the organization chosen by the instructor each week! You can choose your DONATION option. When paying in advance your DONATION will be shared among 4 local charitable organizations!


Below is the information about the Holy Yoga On-Line Wisdom Study with Founder Brooke Boone.

There are so many polarizing things happening in the world around us that sometimes it can feel overwhelming. So many different opinions that we aren’t sure anymore what is real & what is not.
This is why Wisdom is so important. It is foundational for us to walk out the life that we have been called to & to determine what is true & what is not.
Godly Wisdom looks different from the wisdom of the world & will a lot of times be counter-cultural & go against the grain of popular opinion. However, it promises us in the Word that when we seek out Wisdom & are committed to its way, success & blessing always follow.
.The Wisdom that comes from God is truly the most valuable possession we can attain. This free gift offers everything we can’t buy or cultivate in our own power & for us to truly live an authentic, abundant life with God & others, we need to learn how to continually source it from the One who imparts divine understanding.
We invite you to join us in our newest study series on Wisdom as we dive deep into what Biblical wisdom is, how it’s bestowed on Christ followers, it’s untold value, & what life can look like for those committed to its way.
We designed this study a little differently as it was made with community in mind. While it can be done individually for personal growth, the structure of this study was also made for a small group setting where you can engage your local communities in fellowship, study of the Word & yoga.