WORTHY is . . .

a faith-based practice that fuses the Hatha and Bhatki paths of yoga. The physical postures [asanas] of Hatha yoga, combine with breath work, to strengthen and make the body more flexible. Bhatki is the yoga of devotion. It emphasizes the opening of the heart to divine love.  At Worthy we focus on: the love of, faith in, and surrender to - the The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

What we do a bit differently at WORTHY, than many traditional yoga studios, is open with a biblically sound intention or theme for our practice. We weave this theme, or intention, throughout our practice then close in a prayer of gratitude. Each student, however, is encouraged to set their own intention based on what they might need that day.

There is no preaching, no requests for others to pray or speak, no expectations from students at all - EVER. We welcome, and respect, all faiths and denominations. WORTHY is 100% yoga, in a Christ honoring practice.