Soft and slow exploration of postures and breath. Gentle does not mean easy! Some movement. Great for beginners, or just as an opportunity to let God's grace in. All levels welcome.

Level 1

Fundamental postures and breath work that introduce the principles of: foundation, alignment, and focus. Appropriate for all levels.

Community  Class

We will offer this FREE class once a week. All levels welcome. 

Restorative with Meditation

Comfortable, supported postures, and therapeutic breathing techniques - combine to rejuvenate and deeply relax your body and release residual tension. Peaceful, calming, and nurturing. All levels welcome.

Level 2

Fundamental postures in a more up-beat class, with an emphasis on: strength, alignment, and perseverance. Some yoga experience recommended.


Revitalizing and fun class, set to up-beat music. A lot of movement, combined with challenging postures, designed to inspire strength and de-toxification. All levels welcome. Some yoga experience recommended.